School Based Health Services

At Stratagem Education, we specialize in School-Based Health Services (SBHS). In our work, this refers to the mental health services provided to students in schools, including psychological evaluations and education about living and learning while affected by a disability. School-Based Health Services also refers to a Washington State Health Care Authority-administered program that pays contracted school districts, educational service districts, charter schools, and tribal schools for providing early intervention services or special education health-related services to students ages birth through 20 who have an IEP or IFSP.

No Cost Solutions

The Washington State Health Care Authority provides assistance to school districts providing medically necessary health services to students in school settings. This includes diagnostic evaluations and the provision of individualized school-based mental health services deemed necessary for Medicaid-eligible students. Click here if you represent a school district that already bills Medicaid.

Expand resources for services you already provide. Work with experienced school psychology supervisors and registered health providers licensed by the Washington State Department of Health. By working with our consultants and licensed clinical supervisors, clients can provide medically necessary services to establish the existence of a disability and match eligible students with the appropriate supports. Licensed clinical supervisors help maintain high quality mental health services for students. Regularly scheduled sessions with our clinical supervisors can give your psychologists the support they need to deliver the highest quality services. Contract with our supervisors today.

Benefits of Clinical Supervision for School Psychologists

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) recommends high quality supervision for practitioners throughout the career. The NASP Position Statement on Supervision defines clinical supervision as that which is focused on developing the professional skills of the practicing school psychologist, and ensuring the welfare of their clients.

In the definitive resource on supervision in school psychology, researchers Dennis Simon and Mark Swerdlik lay out a comprehensive model for practice and research.

“Clinical supervision involves preprofessional preparation, professional development of credentialed school psychologists, guidance for professional activities, and oversight to ensure client welfare and the integrity of the profession. The central goals of clinical supervision include:

  • promoting effective growth and exemplary professional practice across all the roles and functions of school psychologists,
  • protecting the welfare of all clients,
  • safeguarding the profession through monitoring and gatekeeping,
  • empowering supervisees to develop self-monitoring skills,
  • promoting self-care, and
  • preparing for the supervisee’s future role as a supervisor “

By partnering with Stratagem Education, your team can provide the highest possible level of psychological and mental health service to students through clinical supervision and consultation. Our team provides high-quality clinical supervision, which is separate from the administrative supervision provided to school psychologists and other school-based mental health providers by non-psychologists.

Stratagem Ed clinical supervisors are certified education staff associates, nationally certified school psychologists, and licensed psychologists. Let us support your team! By working with a Stratagem Ed supervisor, you meet the rigorous requirements for Masters-level and Specialist-level school psychologists to provide school-based mental health services recognized as medically necessary by Medicaid/CHIP.

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