Licensed Clinical Supervision

School-based mental health service providers are important members of your team who deserve appropriate supervision to carry out their functions within an organization. School-based mental health services include psychological evaluations, consultation with teachers, and counseling services for students. By partnering with Stratagem Education, you can be assured that the school psychologists and counselors on your team receive high-quality clinical supervision.

Our clinical supervisors are licensed by the Washington State Department of Health Examining Board of Psychology. As experienced school psychologists with decades of experience, our team can support your mission to provide equitable access to school-based mental health services to students who require them. By partnering with Stratagem Education for clinical supervision services, your team may be eligible to access Medicaid/CHIP reimbursements for mental health services you may already be providing.

You can read about the benefits of clinical supervision and how partnering with Stratagem Education can bring resources and expertise to your team. If you would like to discuss how Stratagem Education can support you, please schedule a time to meet and receive a summary of benefits customized for you.

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