Services for Schools

School Based Health Services

At Stratagem Education, we are committed to investing in the education, health, and well-being of all students, including those furthest from justice. When you partner with Stratagem Education, we will work with your team to ensure that equitable educational opportunities are provided for all students, and especially those living at the marginalized intersections of disability and financial instability. Click here to learn more.

+Licensed Clinical Supervision

Stratagem Education can connect you to funding and resources related to mental health services provided in schools, including psychological evaluations. For information on obtaining clinical supervision for your team’s mental health providers, please click here.

+Psychological and Educational Assessment

Expert evaluation services for your students. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) compliant testing, interpretation, and reporting. Feedback and intake meetings can be held online or in-person. Gifted program testing provider.

Classroom Management Coaching

Only a few new teachers enter the profession with the classroom management skills they need to “hit the ground running.” This can have a serious impact on student experiences and is a leading determinant of teacher job satisfaction and retention of talent. We will provide the skills training and coaching that will help your team excel! Teachers who develop positive classroom management skills early in their careers are better positioned to support students’ academic growth for the long term. Through classroom management coaching, our consultants will work with your teachers on an individual or small group basis to support their adoption of masterful classroom management techniques.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Challenging student behaviors can cause frequent disruptions to instruction and impact students and teachers alike. In order to effectively manage challenging behaviors in the classroom, teachers and counselors need to understand the functions that the behaviors are serving. We will help your team conduct comprehensive functional behavior assessments (FBA) that involve indirect assessments, such as interviews, and direct assessments, including on-site observations. This analysis will offer insights into the functions of the behavior and suggestions for an intervention plan designed to simultaneously extinguish problem behaviors and encourage more adaptive replacement behaviors.

Social Emotional Learning

More than ever before, teachers must be prepared to respond to the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of learning. Drawing from over a decade of experience conducting top-tier research and leading for change through social and emotional learning (SEL), Stratagem Education’s consultants can support your school’s integration of classroom and school-wide initiatives. By integrating SEL practices into the daily activities of learning that already occur in your school, teachers and students will derive true benefits from SEL. Stratagem Education can provide your team with a coordinated and integrated set of professional development offerings focused on SEL, managing disruptive behaviors, special education, and tiered school-wide behavioral supports. A combination of staff-wide presentations, activities, and follow-up coaching is the most effective way to create and manage the skills and tools your staff will acquire.

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